About Dulce Amor Weddings

Hi, I’m Norma, your Sacramento wedding officiant and love celebrant. I’m a non-denominational minister ordained by the Universal Life Church. And I’m delighted you are here!

Hi! I'm Norma, your Sacramento wedding officiant.

I know you are busy planning the many aspects of your wedding day. That is why I have created a streamlined approach, so you can relax and enjoy thinking of the day you get to marry your person!

My communication style is clear, concise, and consistent so you can arrive with confidence and excitement on your wedding day. As someone who married her soulmate, I understand the importance of having a ceremony that honors that journey. Finding true love is not easy. So let’s celebrate that magical gift!

Sacramento wedding officiant Norma at a styled photoshoot at the Lakeview Estates and Winery.

Styled photoshoot with Allexa Crosson at the Lakeview Estates and Winery in Sacramento, CA.

Meeting my husband was a lifechanging experience. I know that sounds grandiose. But it’s the truth. I never thought I’d be lucky enough to meet my soulmate in this lifetime. Sometimes, I pinch myself to know it’s all real.

I also have to pinch myself because I actually use my English Bachelor’s degree in real life!  When I was in college, I had no idea how I was going to use my degree. But look at me now! I love romance and believe in the full expression of love.  So combine that with my storytelling and writing skills?  Well, you get an engaging and inspiring ceremony script!

You might not know how a ceremony “works” but you know that on your wedding day, you want to feel connected, present, and excited. As your Sacramento wedding officiant, it is my priority is to create a ceremony script that accomplishes exactly that.